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Stamped Drawstring Muslin Bag Packaging

Inspired by Olivsteen's work I shared on the previous post and the urge to redesign a new packaging. I've created a stamp. This is how it looks like from underneath.

Instead of using linoleum like how Olivsteen does with his work (of course I dare not to compare myself with a maestro) I did the gravure from an old eraser.  Doodle the image on a piece of paper, copy it on to the old eraser, first with a pencil and then trace it with a pen for more visibility, and cut off the area you didn't want the ink on with a cutter.

Above are the test after the cutting.  The top left ribbon is the first attempt, if you see it the right tail of the ribbon is a bit fatter than the right one. 

This red ribbon will be stamped on a drawstring muslin bag, thus will replace my existing packaging.

Nothing wrong with the old packaging really. I even like it; designed and created it myself, but the problem is that the production time sometimes takes longer than the creation of the jewelry by itself.  Discussed it with the fellow Handmade Europe, and indeed some of the seller fellow thought that there's something wrong with this packaging, timewise it's obviously less efficient. So until I can find a good supplier who can product the paper packaging for me, I'd have to say au revoir. Not forever I hope.

Did some research on the drawstring muslin bag and found a decent supplier on etsy, what I mean decent is it has a good price / quality ratio. Purchased it, arrived and quite happy with the quality.  It absorbs well the fabric ink too. Let me know if you want to know who my supplier is, I don't get any commision for this, but I feel like helping here ;)

Alright, well... If you like my idea and decided to make the same thing, you're so welcome to send me the picture of your finished product or just leave a message after this article. If you don't like my idea (hei it happens) please let me share my board titled 'packaging' I've created awhile ago from pinterest here you'll see different style of packaging, maybe you fall into one that you like the best.


  1. cloth packaging is also a good option over plastic packaging.
    Paper packaging


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