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Motivation from Quit Your Day Job Story

Two years ago when I moved to France, and after intensively learning the language for a year, I have decided to restart my activities in making jewelries. Despite D's presence and loving support, doing everything alone can be depressing.  I miss chitchatting unimportant topic with the coworkers, I miss my friends sometimes, and my family all the time.

Yesterday, though, I stumbled upon a Quit Your Day Job story on Etsy blog, and so much motivated by  this couple the owner of Blue Hour Design.

 You can read the full article here, but I'll just quote something that motivates me.

*Don’t forget that business ebbs and flows. When business is temporarily slow, instead of feeling down, use that time to come up with new designs, marketing techniques or anything to improve your business. Don’t worry, the sales will come — and when they do, you need to be prepared!*

And when they are asked about the hardest part about running their own business, I just love their respond..

*It’s all freaking hard, but we absolutely love it! We have never worked this hard in our lives, but we don’t want to do anything else — this is it! Every morning we wake up looking forward to our day. We’re very passionate about what we do and know that having our own business is what allows us to live our lives exactly the way we want to live them.*

Well, with that, I think I'm ready to go back to work now.. What motivates you today? 

(Photo credit: D )


  1. Oh yes, I understand you... I feel exactly the same. And the same words motivate me too :-).
    But in fact, I decided to take a new "outside" job, and I'm really happy to have both : my handmade job and my new one.
    Good luck !

    DoucesLaines, Eco Chic Handknits

  2. Thank you Emma, C'est gentil.. Goodluck for your new other job, this sounds exciting :)

  3. Dear Siany!
    I am feeling a sense of pleasure while going through your blog, its lovely!
    Its very true that, creative and innovative minds can always achieve what they want, and owning a business is really all about creativity. But the people with the courage of getting out of the comfort zone can try some new and improved things.
    Loving blessings on your way Siany :)
    Stay blessed

    1. Thank you for your sweet words Taiba! <3


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